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Leoni is an experienced marketing professional who worked for various London-based companies for over a decade, including positions in the gaming industry. Her passion for D&D led her to begin her own tabletop group, which went on to become one of Twitch’s fastest-growing TTRPG streaming channels alongside her ongoing duties as a localization and translation specialist on major releases such as the recent Destroy All Humans remake. In the few spare moments Leoni gets every day, she runs her own handcrafted costume jewelry business – another passion high on her list.Interested? Get in touch!

TypeServiceDescriptionStarting Price
GraphicalTitle Page DesignThe first scene on your stream, it can also be made into a marketing promotional.$40
GraphicalBasic Overlay DesignNon animated Scenes overlays designed for your stream. Charged per scene.$25 p/pg
GraphicalAnimated Overlay DesignAnimated overlay scenes for your Stream. Simply animated to keep the eye on the screen and your cast. Charged per scene. $55 p/pg
GraphicalLogo Design WordmarkLogos designed that comes with a 30 minute consultancy to help nail down your brand perfectly. With a guarantee to look good, no matter simplified or on merch! $175
GraphicalMarketing PromotionalPromotional materials starting at $25. From social media posts, posters and leaflets.$25
GraphicalTrailer VideoA 120 second trailer, to use as an intro video, promotion and pause screen for your streams.$185
ConsultancyMarketingI have worked in marketing for 13 years, I have a degree in marketing in communications. I have worked in 13 industries, including Games, Hospitality and Consultancy. There isn't a product I can't sell or a Campaign I can not help with.$85 p/hr
ConsultancyDiversity & InclusionDo you need to address the structures within your company, processes and products to ensure that they include and do not exclude people from all walks of life? As someone who has run a company with an exceptional diversity record and a woman in games ambassador, member of LGBTIAQ+ and being person of colour I have 10 years corporate experience and well as a lifetime of experience within this field.$150 p/hr
EditingLocalisationDo you have a product going for Translation. Consider having it prepared for Localisation to ensure your product gets translated with precision! I will give context and meaning to your words that your translators will use to ensure your words mean the same in every language.$28 p/hr
EditingSensitivity ReadingDo you have a product and need to have it checked for cultural sensitivity. I will review your project for misrepresentations, bias, racism, or unintentional stereotypes$35 p/hr
EditingContent EditingThis is where I will look at your manuscript from the “big picture” viewpoint. Some questions I will ask: Is the theme or plot of the book well-developed and organized? If it is a novel, is there good story-telling and snappy dialog? Does the story move at a good pace? Are the characters original and believable? Are the subplots well-integrated?$40 p/hr
TTRPG Stream ProductionProductionI will run your stream behind the scenes at 1080p and guaranteed zero latency. Leaving you free to Play and GM. My services include but not limited to, Chat Moderation, Transitions, Time Keeping, Stream Running, Managing Events and Bots. Ensure your Cast Sound and Look their best.$50 p/hr


Wish to hire my services or speak to me about an opportunity, please feel free to use the contact form below.


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The Gilded Grove

Theatrical Adornments


Welcome to the Gilded Grove, where magic, art and wonder meet handcrafted theatrical jewellery pieces. I planted the Grove after making my own costumes and props for live streams for many years, a passion of which I never grew tired. It was through these simple things that I could explore my love of fantasy and beauty, and share them with the world.But the Gilded Grove is so much more to me than that. I have worked hard to learn my craft, studying techniques and styles from all over the world and inspired by various artistic themes including nature itself to bring these pieces to you.If you are interested in a custom designed piece made to specifications please fill out the form Below.


It is important to note that drawn character work was outsourced to external artists.Waterdeep Artwork Credit goes to Kai v Antoni you can find more of Kai's work hereDescent into Avernus Artwork Credit goes to Runesael Flynn find more of Rune's work here










Editing & Consulting

When I am working with clients, fantasy is by far the genre I am most often hired to edit. Fantasy, while very fun to create, is one of the most difficult to edit.Why do I say that? Well, think of it like this. For a story in a grounded, more realistic setting, a writer can focus all their efforts and talents into the function of narrative because the setting, types of characters and scenarios are already familiar to the reader.In a fantasy setting, a writer needs to describe races, magic, rules, countries, kingdoms, flora, fauna, and a million other things. Let’s also not forget the most important thing; creating a narrative streamlined enough to deliver this information in a logical and consistent manner, while also still being engaging. Phew! Kiss your word count limit goodbye!Editing a fantasy novel is much akin to editing a novel, history book and science book all at once. And writers, being the unique creatures, are not always able to commit the vivid world in their minds to the written word.That is where an editor can step in.Editors are more than glorified spell checkers. We are the writer's wingman, here to cheer you on, encourage you, guide, structure and also be as excited for your world and product as you are.The most important thing you need to know about me as an editor is that I am very logical and character-driven. Some of the questions I will pose to your manuscript are: Do your characters serve their internal and external function in their dialogue? From the character sheets, have you shown me and the behaviours you have displayed in your manuscript, are you SHOWING the story you want to TELL? How did your characters become the people that they are today and are these past events leading to consistent behaviour and/or character growth? Are your characters following the formulation growth in their arcs and are they reacting and changing to the world you have set them in?In addition, as an editor with a 13 year-long background in marketing I am able to consult on design and audience expectations as an added bonus, including current trends.While I have only been a professional editor for over a year, I have been editing all my life. I consume vast amounts of media of all genres. Choosing to work with me is more than just hiring someone to look for your typos. You are hiring a teammate who will do everything in their power to see your success.

The Five Holds (Working Title)J. J. Grimshaw1st Draft
Knights of the PathJ. J. Grimshaw2019
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Destroy All Humans 2Black Forest Games2020
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When I tell people I specialise in localisation the first thing they ask me is, “What languages do you speak? I laugh uncomfortably and eventually answer “11” but none of them are fluent and the majority of the words I know are curse words.So what Is localisation? Well there are two ways I enjoy telling people what I do, the first is with a joke;“A translator, a localiser and a fansubber walk into a bar. They spend the next few hours debating how to best convey the meaning of this joke in another language."The second is showing them this video and saying This is what happens when you don’t hire a localising specialist.”(Warning: This video has translating errors that result in strong language)

Localisation is the art of words. I love words. Words are beautiful. My job is to tell a translating professional the meaning and intent of your words so that you have the most accurate representation of the written word when it is in another language.English is one of those delightfully complicated languages where nothing is direct, with its foundation in the romantic language tree where many words are borrowed, changed and transformed over years of use.Did you know that England had many dialects and didn’t have a consistent language until Henry VIII created the first English Bible during the Reformation?We have so many unique turns of phrase and slang, that if not conveyed correctly to a translator can have disastrous results, especially when the phrase doesn’t directly translate.But despite our language differences, even a simple phrase like, “If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.” may not work in Japan, but “Fall down seven times and stand up eight.” will.This is the service I provide. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.



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Writing Samples

Destroy All Humans Remake NewspapersThe task was quite straightforward, in the old game we had both the headlines and the sub headlines already determined, but unlike the old game there was no written article.I was asked to write a conspiracy theory cover up article based on the headline and my knowledge of the mission. The article had to be 100 words or less to fit within the game engine while sticking to the humour of the game.(full screen and pause to read each article)

Reviews On The Newspapers